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TileFlow: Testimonials

A CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) Modeling Software Tool for Data Centers

We have already saved a significant amount in design and construction costs by using CFD technology through Innovative Research TileFlow software product. We used TileFlow to prove and refine our new design ideas. It was instrumental in our adoption of Outside Air Economization and optimization of air delivery system. 

Digital Realty TrustJim Smith
Chief Technology Officer
Digital Realty Trust

At KlingStubbins, architects and engineers utilize many computerized design and simulation tools, but TileFlow stands out in our Mission-Critical practice for its functionality in enhancing data center designs. Many of our projects require prediction of server cabinet inlet air temperature to determine and optimize the cooling system, and Tileflow is an efficient tool for conducting this analysis and providing specialty solutions. We have used Tileflow throughout its evolution from prediction of underfloor airflow capacity to complete modeling of server cabinets and hot aisle containment, and it has proven to be a valuable tool for assessing air management practices as well as creating a business case for reliability upgrades and energy-efficiency measures. Without exception, Innovative Research, Inc. staff have been quick to provide guidance and modeling solutions for the unique situations with which we are frequently confronted during projects. Use of Tileflow coupled with this robust technical insight from Innovative Research, Inc. has led us to a more comprehensive understanding of the unique characteristics of each data center in order to satisfy specific project goals.

Kling StubbinsMichael Schwarz, PE, LEED AP
Associate, Project Mechanical Engineer

We have used TileFlow in a number of design/build and expansion projects. In a recently completed project, we were approached by a colocation client who was struggling to market some low density space. They asked us if we could help them analyze some options. The client wanted to know what the opportunities and implications were if they installed high power racks in their space. We used TileFlow to do the modeling to demonstrate how high density racks could be installed in a low density space. TileFlow easily allowed us to consider the value of hot aisle containment, screens around low density areas and impacts on air flow in the surrounding environment. The visual presentation produced with the TileFlow software greatly facilitated the discussion and understanding of the options. This allowed the colo provider to market their space with greater flexibility with confidence.

Mazzetti Nash Lipsey BurchJohn Pappas
M+NLB Mazzetti Nash Lipsey Burch

When working with critical operating conditions for data center clients it's important to have engineering analysis tools that give you accurate predicted outcomes, we've found that TileFlow software meets our needs and supports our engineering team in providing quality solutions to our clients.

Smith GroupEric L Kirkland PE, LEED
Director of Engineering

Smithgroup purchased TileFlow to enable us to accurately predict the performance of the data center, server room and equipment spaces. Models can be generated quickly with impressive results and the graphical output is an effective tool in communicating those results. TileFlow is an invaluable tool for increasing our understanding of temperature and airflow conditions in complex systems.

Smith GroupRobert Thompson PE LEED
Science & Technology Chief Mechanical Engineer

Since 2006, we have used TileFlow for a number of data center projects. TileFlow helps us to evaluate and optimize our data center designs and sets us apart from our competitors. We have also used TileFlow to evaluate the layout of the equipment proposed by installers. TileFlow has provided tremendous value to our customers. TileFlow graphical displays enhance our communication with the customers. They provide a clear visual understanding of the cooling status of their data centers.

GrontmijPeter Matlung
Manager of Data Center Group
Grontmij Technical Management (the Netherlands)

SubZero Engineering has performed CFD’s for over 300 data centers throughout the United States and Canada using TileFlow. TileFlow has allowed our engineers to accurately examine and study existing data center airflow patterns and temperature variations so as to design new airflow patterns that increase cooling capacity and decrease energy consumption. TileFlow is an integral part of our data center airflow management program.

SubZero EngineeringLarry Mainers
SubZero Engineering

The first phase of our TileFlow implementation was to improve the airflow movement so it flowed in a consistent and effective manner. Using TileFlow to model the data center, we were able to target problem areas, test solutions in the model, and effect remediation. As a result, we were able to optimize the AITC's 1700 ton cooling capacity with very little capital investment. The model worked so well that the only material purchased was a box of vented ceiling tiles for $400. Now we've been able to defer the current year's cooling enhancement budget until we install significantly more equipment.

TileFlow modeling and the expert guidance of its support team have provided benefits far beyond our expectations.

AITCJim Ford
General Manager - Colocation Services
Advanced Information Technology Center (AITC)

TileFlow modeling has proved valuable in the managing of our expansion of servers into a new data center area and in managing server density in locations with limited HVAC cpabilities.

Scott & WhiteWilliam J. Roe
Manager, Server Services
Information Services
Scott & White Hospital

Byrne Dixon Associates has used TileFlow for the last three years to design and optimize data centres in Ireland and the UK. In the last year we have been appointed to the Irish Government working group on data centre efficiency. Through this working group we have assessed 22 local and central government data centres with a focus on energy reduction. The approach in all cases has been to reduce the core IT load and then reduce the ancillary cooling load through improved airflow management. We have used Tileflow as our CFD modeling software to initially identify the airflow improvement options and secondarily to visually demonstrate the benefits of each option through TileFlow's versatile reporting features. We find the software easy and flexible to use both in the office and out in the field where CFD 3D models are built and tested in the live environment. TileFlow has allowed our company deliver the highest level of technical service to our clients in the most cost effective manner and will continue to be a integral part of our data centre design tools for the foreseeable future.

Vincent Byrne
Managing Director
ByrneDixon Associates

I am a long-time user of TileFlow. During this time I have seen its evolution from a tool designed just for the prediction of airflow rates through the perforated tiles in raised-floor data centers to a sophisticated tool for the detailed prediction of airflow, pressures, and temperatures in even the most complex data centers, covering both raised-floor and non-raised-floor configurations. Throughout these years, I have received excellent support from the TileFlow development/support team; they have also been very receptive to my suggestions for new features and capabilities.

I have used TileFlow to model as-is conditions in data centers, to see the changes introduced by my proposals/modifications, and to design new data centers. Using the insight provided by TileFlow, I have learned how to reduce hot spots and, in many cases, increase the heat load, without increasing the amount of cooling air, turn off CRAC units with no adverse effect on the rack inlet temperatures, and increase the return temperatures to the CRAC units.

There are many other packages that that will tell you their product is the best... TileFlow does the best at giving me all the data needed for client recommendations and design validation.

Data Center TransitionsBill Watts
Data Center Architect
Data Center Transitions, Inc.
+1 (505) 400-0036

I am working with TileFlow since 2006. I have used TileFlow for different purposes, such as designing new data centers, reconfiguring existing data centers, and developing cooling solutions.

With TileFlow you can build models of data centers very efficiently. The databases of racks, downflow CRAC units, upflow CRAC units, in-row cooling units, perforated tiles, etc., allow you to select the hardware and drop it in the model at the right location.

The TileFlow models often give you surprising insights about what happens inside your datacenter.

By simulating different datacenter layouts, you can find the one that covers your needs.This approach allows you to design new data centers with lowest cooling cost and to redesign existing data centers to minimize these costs. In addition, it allows you to know upfront the PUE that can be realized, which is very important because governments have now started defining PUE targets for data centers.

Hans Schreuders
Currently Senior Consultant DataCenters with Croon Elektrotechniek BV Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
(Earlier working for KPN Telecom in The Netherlands as CyberCenter Manager and Manager of the Design and Control Team responsible for four datacenters with a total IT floor space of approximately 20,000 sq m.)