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Virtera and Innovative Research Collaboration

Virtera and Innovative Research Collaboration


Enters Into On-Going Agreement with Innovative Research Inc. to help clients reduce data center costs and improve overall operations

NEW YORK, NY April 22, 2009 — VIRTERA, a leading virtualization professional services and consulting firm, announced today, Earth Day, that it has introduced a new data center airflow modeling service to help clients identify computer room cost reduction and energy conservation opportunities.

IT and data center cost reduction has never been more important than during these economic times. Companies are challenged to find the next wave of technology costreduction activities. VIRTERA offers clients financial savings in areas that are typically unchecked, or for which companies do not have skills, capabilities, or expertise – data center power and cooling environments.

VIRTERA Consultants model above-floor and below-floor features and perform sophisticated Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation of airflow and cooling in data centers to understand equipment heating issues. Information is either gathered from existing client-supplied documentation or through site-surveys and analysis performed by the VIRTERA project team. Once VIRTERA consultants have completed the analysis, clients are able to visualize the current heat generation and availability of cooling and VIRTERA can offer potential solutions to the identified problems and issues.

VIRTERA’s service offering can help clients to:
- Validate tactical, low-cost, airflow and power saving (cost) techniques and solutions
- Reduce operating costs through elimination of unneeded CRACs
- Determine efficient solutions to stubborn data center hotspots
- Increase the density of equipment placed in racks
- Defer the construction of new data center facilities due to reaching cooling capacity limits
- Document the CRAC failure impact for disaster recovery and business continuity planning
- Design new lower-cost, more energy-efficient equipment layouts
- Review designs against VIRTERA’s data center planning consideration 27-point checklist
- Possibly qualify for utility-offered conservation rebates

As part of its service delivery, VIRTERA has entered into an agreement with Innovative Research, Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota, a pioneer in the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for the simulation of airflow and cooling in data centers, to use their TileFlow product.

As companies leverage VIRTERA’s virtualization and consolidation services, the thermal impact can be modeled and layouts based on facts and data be designed. With this new service, VIRTERA will work with clients to understand the challenges and scope of facility cooling and related costs.

“Virtualization helps clients achieve cost savings and efficiencies, but to achieve these benefits, beyond what the typical product-based solutions claim to offer, requires a holistic approach to IT service delivery,” said Howard Pavony, CEO of VIRTERA. “Delivering on the promise of virtualization is so much more than just installing a few products; it’s about managing all the tangential issues – such as power consumption and cooling efficiency – end developing a complete solution.”

“Providing adequate cooling in a data center is essential for uninterrupted, zero-downtime operation. Since data centers are continually changing their layout and equipment, the cooling challenges need to be anticipated and resolved before any installation. This is where our simulation tool TileFlow makes an important contribution,” said Suhas Patankar, President of Innovative Research. “TileFlow allows you to create a computer model of your data center and calculate the airflow and temperature at all locations. You can identify hot spots and then evaluate different modifications and cooling solutions to meet the challenges. The simulation helps you to assure adequate cooling with a minimum of energy costs.”

“From its inception, VIRTERA has felt very strongly about the importance of delivering responsible green IT solutions,” said Lucian Lipinsky de Orlov, director of business strategy and solutions at VIRTERA. “After a thorough review of the marketplace, we selected Innovative Research and their TileFlow product, as our partner of choice and look forward to helping our clients use data center energy more efficiently while lower operational costs at the same time.”

About Innovative Research Inc.
Innovative Research, Inc. provides quality software products and consulting services for fluid flow, heat transfer, combustion, turbulence, and related processes. IRI’s flagship product TileFlow is the leading airflow simulation tool for data centers. It provides unparalleled ease of use, fast solution, and a large variety of colorful displays and animations of airflow and temperature patterns in data centers. TileFlow can be used for designing the cooling systems
in new data centers and for upgrading or reconfiguring existing data centers in an ongoing manner. For more information, visit http://www.inres.com/

VIRTERA is an independent Information Technology (IT) professional services and consulting firm delivering virtualization technology solutions and services to companies nationwide. VIRTERA’s proven vSpectrum consulting methodology uniquely ensures successful and rapid adoption of virtualization technologies while delivering an optimum return on organizations’ IT investments. VIRTERA’s team of certified solution architects and consultants develop, deploy and manage Virtual Infrastructure (VI) solutions designed to solve today’s most challenging IT issues while its industry-unique Strategy group tests and analyzes virtualization trends across the entire virtual ecosystem. VIRTERA was founded in 2007 and maintains its corporate headquarters in New York, NY.

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