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Innovative Research and the Uptime Institute Collaboration

Innovative Research and the Uptime Institute
Collaboration at Symposium 2009

Innovative Research and the Uptime Institute Collaborate at Symposium 2009 to Reduce Energy Consumption

Leading organizations join forces to reduce energy consumption and operation cost in data centers

Minneapolis--Innovative Research, a pioneer in the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for the simulation of airflow and cooling in data centers, is pleased to collaborate with the Uptime Institute in its 4th Annual Research Symposium: Lean, Clean & Green; at the Hilton New York, April 13 through 16.

Together with the Institute, Innovative Research will help data center professionals reduce their energy consumption, carbon footprint, and operating costs through new technologies, solutions and strategies. “Innovative Research has supported our Symposium for several years now,” said Institute Executive Director Ken Brill. “We congratulate them on their forward thinking.  And we agree that CFD can be a powerful tool to help reduce energy consumption in data centers.”

Positioned as “The Only Global Conference on No-compromise Data Center Computing--Peak Availability, Resiliency, Productivity, Energy Efficiency & Eco-Sustainability”, Symposium 2009 will bring together the most important stakeholders in the industry to wrestle with issues critical to maintaining the economic viability of IT. Among these issues, optimizing the cooling infrastructure of the data center and utilizing the most efficient cooling strategies are key. As a Symposium Research Underwriter, Innovative Research will provide an important presentation on these topics based on its expertise in CFD technology. “We plan to show how a computational simulation of airflow can provide valuable insight into cooling challenges and their resolution,” said Amir Radmehr, Ph.D., Director of Sales and Marketing at Innovative Research. “Symposium includes highly interactive, technical and strategic discussions that expose attendees to the latest and greatest thinking on data center energy efficiency.”

CFD can be used to achieve in-depth understanding of airflow and temperature distribution in the data center. This understanding can be used to create more efficient cooling infrastructure and cooling strategies, which in turn leads to reduced energy consumption, lower carbon footprint, and lower operating costs. “We have already saved a significant amount in design and construction costs by using CFD technology through Innovative Research TileFlow software product”, says Jim Smith, the Chief Technology Officer of Digital Realty Trust, the largest provider of wholesale data center facilities in the world. “We used TileFlow to prove and refine our new design ideas.  It was instrumental in our adoption of Outside Air Economization and optimization of air delivery system.”

About Uptime Institute
The Uptime Institute--a research think-tank and advisor to owners and operators of the world's largest enterprise data centers on the technical and business issues of computing reliability, sustainability and energy efficiency--conducts research that highlights the critical need for immediate improvements in corporate data center management and design. For more information, please go to http://www.uptimeinstitute.org/ or contact Trevor Daul, 505-946-3462, tdaul@uptimeinstitute.org

About Innovative Research, Inc.
Innovative Research, Inc. provides quality software products and consulting services for fluid flow, heat transfer, combustion, turbulence, and related processes. IRI’s flagship product TileFlow is the leading airflow simulation tool for data centers. It provides unparalleled ease of use, fast solution, and a large variety of colorful displays and animations of airflow and temperature patterns in data centers. TileFlow can be used for designing the cooling systems in new data centers and for upgrading or reconfiguring existing data centers in an ongoing manner.

For more information, please go to http://www.inres.com/ or contact Amir Radmehr, 763-519-0105 Ext. 209, radmehr@inres.com