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Data Center Power & Cooling Efficiency Seminar

Data Center Efficiency Technical Seminar: San Jose and San Diego

Chatsworth Products, Inc.'s Data Center Efficiency Technical Seminar Series

Innovative Research is proud to join Chatsworth Products Inc. in its technical seminar series on data center efficiency. In this seminar series, industry experts and technology leaders discuss the latest best practices and techniques on Data Center Efficiency Strategies. Discussions will center on today’s Data Center challenges in design, air flow management, energy efficiency, and power.

Northern California: Oct 23, in San Jose

Southern California: Oct. 25 in San Diego 

Innovative Research will present:

Airflow Simulation to Meet Cooling Challenges
• Using airflow simulation based on Computational Fluid Dynamics to test variety of cooling solutions without actually exercising them
• In-depth look at variety of case studies and how CFD can help you implement a solution with confidence

To register, learn more about the seminar series, and see the seminar locations and dates go to: